Mobile POS Terminal

The MODAT-100 integrates individual point-of-service peripherals including a barcode reader, a smart card reader, a megnetic stripe reader, and a thermal printer, into a single all-in-one solution suitable for retail, out-field, and public services.


•Streamline workflow and enhance productivity for both in-field and out-field applications with the MODAT-100 Mobile POS Terminal. Based on the Marvell® PXA 310 low power consumption platform and preinstalled with Windows® Mobile 6.5, the MODAT-100 is a highly integrated mobile device designed for Point-of-Service applications. In addition to performing peripheral, local-area, and wide-area mobile connections, it is also capable of location functions that meet the requirements of the mobile workforce.

• Semi-rugged design for outdoor environments

• 3.5” sunlight readable LCD with LED backlight

• IP54 compliant design

• Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, and 3.75 G wireless for seamless wireless communication

• Built-in GPS for Location-Based Services (LBS) and real-time tracking

• Bulit-in smart card reader, magnetic strip reader and 2” thermal printer for point-of-service applications

• 1D barcode reader and 3 Megapixel camera for data collection



MODAT-100 is a mobile point-of-service terminal that can be used for in-field and out-field applications. Its advanced data capturing and wireless technologies allow information to be recorded and processed in real-time, decreasing both error opportunities and transaction time. Applications include:

• Stock tracking and identification

• Asset tracking

• Access real-time information

• Order taking

• Wireless communication

• Information recording

• Point-of-Service


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